“Eww, boys are smelly and gross”..to..”Woah, he is hot!” … Are girls growing up too quickly?

When I was twelve years old, I had no interest in boys, fashion, make up, or attention.

I was still a child. Boys were all “gross” and the talk of kissing them always made me say a typical young girls remark like, “eww, boys are smelly and gross”. I had no interest whatsoever in going clothes shopping and buying the latest fashion trends. The only time I would go clothes shopping was when I was literally forced to go with my parents. It was never a choice made by myself. The clothes I wore were plain, and typically something my mum got for me, because quite frankly, I didn’t really care what I wore. And why should anybody else care? Make up was always something I associated with grown ups. Other girls in my year at school began to wear eye shadow and a small layer of foundation, which then increased to a layer or mascara and some lip gloss as well. My hair would always be down – who cares that it was just hanging there? It’s not like I cared, so why should you?


It wasn’t until I was about fifteen years old that I actually wore makeup for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, in the previous couple of years I wore a little bit of eye shadow; but that was very light coloured so it wasn’t noticeable anyway. Some girls in my year though, seemed to have a full face of make up, tight jeans and hoodies that were so short they showed a bit of their belly, but zipped down enough to see some cleavage. They wore a different hair style every day and they were popular – they were getting noticed by boys.

Now, by this time I was beginning to feel interested in boys. All these “popular” girls would look down on me and the other girls, making rude remarks just because we weren’t wearing makeup, didn’t have cool hair styles and didn’t wear clothes which made us look grown up and fashionable. They thought they were better than us, and it seemed the boys did too – they got all of the attention.

However, the way I described myself here was probably the same as about 75% of my age group at the time. A lot of girls in my year felt the same way that I did, and there was just that 25% of nasty girls who wanted all of the attention, and to remind you of that every time they walked past.

Here comes the point I am trying to get at…

As I have grown older, this divide between the girls seemed to fade. They became less spiteful, and as we all got older we got more mature and most of the girls were dressing similar, and had boyfriends and attention whether they were popular or not.

The problem now though, is that I have noticed that things have changed a lot since I was twelve years old. When I see young girls nowadays, the majority of them are caked in makeup, wearing short skirts and low cut tops, and clearly wearing push up bra’s to impress the boys. Sometimes, I can’t even tell how old they are. They often look older than me because of the way they are dressed.. and I’m twenty!!

Since when did kids grow up so quickly? I cannot imagine leaving my house that young wearing short skirts and low cut tops to try and impress the boys. There is plenty of time for that as you are older! It must be so difficult being a parent, seeing their child grow up so quickly and being unable to stop it.

Does anyone else agree with this? Or perhaps this is only noticeable where I live. Is the media influencing these girls to grow up and find their independence quicker, I wonder?


20 thoughts on ““Eww, boys are smelly and gross”..to..”Woah, he is hot!” … Are girls growing up too quickly?

  1. How true! Couldn’t agree more. I’m in my 4th year at secondary school and some of the new youngest students peer down on older girls who aren’t “following” all these trends. I say we should wear clothes that hide our precious bodies. Since when did you have to shorten the skirt and flaunt your boobs just to get noticed? It’s important young girls realise they don’t have to follow the crowd to be a admired person…

  2. I’m 15 now and personally I believe the divide is still very similar to how you described it, but it is true there are some girls that cake themselves in the most orange foundation they can find even at the age of 10. Scary but true, although for my year the situation is very similar to yours xx

  3. Yes, omg my thoughts exactly but then again i was born in the slower part of the world where dating meant going to public places with 2+ just to make everything awkward. Anyway the first kiss happened when i was eighteen and i was scared for days and months lol

    • I don’t blame you! I was nowhere near ready to be interested in boys at that age. I think it’s nicer to wait until you have grown up a bit more, and enjoy being a child whilst you’re still young 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  4. This is so true! I’m 19 and I lived in two countries during my primary and high school years. In my old country girls didn’t care, everyone was just kids and having fun but when I moved, it felt like I had just stepped into a whole new world. Girls were dressing up way older than what they were. They were 12 going on 17, it was insane! I felt so out of place! But with time, I learn to adapt to my new place and I began to dress not so different from them all!
    Like I said, I am 19 and my 13 year old cousin looks older than me because of the way she dresses and the amount of make up she puts on. This is so relatable!
    Great post!!
    Twitter – @musical_chicken

    • I can see what you mean by ‘stepping into a whole new world’! That is similar to when I left primary school and went to secondary school. Before the summer everyone was kids, after the summer everyone seemed so grown up! I have so many people ask me if I’m 14/15 and are so shocked when I say I am 20, because 14 year olds seem to look older than me too!
      Thank you for commenting! xx

  5. I’m 22 and still not interested in boys x.x maybe I think boys are still smelly haha!
    Definitely agree kids grow too fast these days. We also grew faster than our parents too!

  6. This is a really good post. I personally do think that they are going up too quickly, obviously that’s a massive generalisation but I see much younger girls wearing tonnes of makeup, the most inappropriate clothing, with the latest must have designer bag or fashion item. To be frank it scares me how quickly they are ‘maturing’. They should be enjoying themselves…But this isn’t just with girls I don’t think, children these days are going up a lot quicker not in just the way they dress but even having the latest phones. When I was younger I was playing outside or with friends, not on iPads, iPhones or computers…it’s crazy :S I do hope they slow down a bit…The social pressure is insane x
    | Life as a Petite |

    • I absolutely agree, children in general are growing up far too quickly. I see less and less youngsters playing in the local park nowadays. They’re either sat on their phones/iPads or are nowhere to be seen. I find it quite sad – I’m so glad I was able to enjoy my childhood until a late age! Xx

  7. I’m 16 and when I first entered secondary school… I didn’t realise how [four letter word beginning with S] everyone was. Whenever you saw a boy, their girlfriend was caked in make-up even now. But now the media has made it worse… sex sadly sells. You see the boys in my year and years below with naked girls images as their Facebook/Twitter covers and it’s really disturbing and slightly hilarious on their behalf as their still pre-pubescent and trying to idolise girls that don’t look like they’d give them a second look. I think the TV stations should be making sure the content is less explicit first- whenever a music video is played it’s too provocative and makes me feel uncomfortable so now I just listen to the radio. It’s too degrading to women too, why are they always half naked in the videos? I get that sometimes they’re paid a lot for those videos and are sometimes told lies about what their role is within it- but why are the men never half naked and degraded like women are? This is the sad world we live in.

    • Exactly!! I completely agree about the music videos aswell – they are so cringy to watch, that I feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable if they come on when my parents are in the room. Music videos should not make people feel like that. Girls are definitely far more sexualised than males, sadly! Xx

  8. See me and my friends were the complete opposite of this post. By 13 we were all hanging out in our local town with a huge group of people, wearing too much eye-liner, studded belts and it was just the norm to “get with” people and have a boyfriend. I do live in Essex though so maybe that’s why… Haha

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