Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Staring at myself in the mirror, I feel confused. Who am I?

I see a pretty, confident girl with a sweet smile brightening up her face. Her eyes are sparkling as if happiness is all around… As if life was perfect. Her long, brunette hair hung down the side of her face and down her back. She stood confidently admiring her posture and figure in the mirror, smiling with glee at the beautiful sight in front of her.

I closed my eyes… and re-opened them.relate

She was gone. That sweet smile that still grinned back at me looked fake and the sparkling eyes were not those of happiness, but those of fear.. of tears. Her long hair still hung around her face, but this time it was clear that she was trying to hide behind her brunette locks. Scanning myself up and down in the mirror, I saw a scared, vulnerable girl who was confused about who she was.

“You need to be like this.. you need to be like that..”, the words of the past haunted her. Who were they to tell me how to live my life? So what if I don’t look how I should. What happened to accepting people for who they truly are, rather than trying to turn them into someone they should be.. someone who they aren’t?

Things have changed. The days where it didn’t matter whether you were fat or thin, ugly or pretty, shy or confident, and so on, have disappeared. People are judged nowadays. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. Just because someone is fat doesn’t mean they are greedy. And just because you think someone is ugly, doesn’t mean you’re right. That is your opinion… to somebody else they could be the most beautiful person in the world.

Why judge people? You don’t know what people are going through, or have been through, so rather than judging somebody by their outside appearances, get to know the real person on the inside and accept them for who they are.

Nobody likes a bully. In my opinion, everybody is beautiful in there own way.


10 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall…

  1. Self-acceptance is probably the hardest struggle we face, but it’s great once you learn to accept who you are! I’ve written a few posts on self-image you may find interesting/relateable. Feel free to check it out.

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  3. Love this post Jenny! We are all very self critical, worst is having the pressure of society trying to tell you how/what you should be. Media really is toxic! And completely agree with you about judging – I’m not saying I’m an angel, because i think it’s human nature to judge, but dont always judge from first impressions or even without getting to know the person first, everybody has a story/reason just get to know them for them! Thank you for this post 🙂 x
    Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog // Bloglovin ♥

  4. I couldn’t agree more with this! People are so quick to judge nowadays. 😦 It’s so sad. There is so much pressure on girls to look a certain way because others and even themselves think they’re ‘ugly’. >.< xx

    • They really are. Girls have far too much pressure these days, constantly being told how they should look and how being “too thin” or “too fat” isn’t nice. Why can’t people be allowed to dress and look how they want without being judged for it! Glad you agree with the post 🙂 xx

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