My March Must-Have’s

So I decided to choose 6 things I have bought this month and share them with you. I know a lot of people do ‘monthly favourite’ tags… But I’m not sure if this is the same thing. So just in case, I am going to call it ‘my March must-have’s’ instead 🙂

I also know I’m a bit early, as the end of the month isn’t until next week, but I won’t be going shopping again this week so I am going to share it with you now instead! I have never done anything like this before, so I apologise if I ramble too much!

1) Pug Socks!!!

As you will soon come to know, I have a slight HUGE obsession with pugs. I absolutely love them. Sadly, I don’t have one of my own yet, but it is a huge dream of mine that one day I will. I won’t go on about my obsession with them now, as I am sure you will hear all about it in another post one day… So here we go…

I saw these socks in Primark and I literally just couldn’t resist getting them. I can’t actually remember their exact price now but I think it was only a couple of pounds for just three pairs – you can’t go wrong!


2) Nail Polish

Again, as you will probably soon find out, I am a nail artist. I probably own every nail polish colour you could think of, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. I wanted to do a gradient design with orange and yellow – like a sunset. Searching through my box of colours though, I only had a really pale light yellow but I wanted a darker one. Whilst I was at it, I was looking at the other colours I had and decided I would get a new baby blue colour because my old one was almost empty.

So.. I went to Boots and as usual, there was a 3 for 2 offer on.

The 3 colours from Rimmel London that I went for are:

300 Pop Your Pink
842 Too Cool For Tango
406 Cute As A Kitten Heel


I really like these colours. Each of them go onto you nails really well without being streaky, and they dry really quickly. The pink is quite neon, which is a bit different to the pinks I already have which is great!

3) New jeans

Finding jeans which fit me is a nightmare. I’m a really small girl, both slim and short so clothes shopping can be pretty stressful. Jeans would either fit me perfectly around the leg but were far too long and far too small or big on the waist, or perfect around the waist but far too baggy around the leg.
However, I have managed to find jeans from Jane Norman which fit me perfectly in length, around the leg and the waist – perfect!! You have no idea how happy I was to find these. This was the first time in so long that I found jeans that fitted me, so I was completely over the moon. To make it even better, they had £10 off, so altogether they were just £20. I decided to get 2 pairs though, because what are the chances of me finding perfect fitting ones again any time soon?


4) Summer dress

I found this dress in Primark for just £5… ONLY £5! Bargain. It fits me really well, and I absolutely love the colours. Floral print is always pretty, but I thought this dress was so lovely and perfect for the summer, mainly because of the colourful design on it. I think it would look really nice with leggings too!


5) Fingerless/Mitten Gloves

I know winter is pretty much over now, but here in the UK the weather changes it’s mind constantly. I found these gloves in Primark (again!) and they were just 50p! They are really cute, and I love how they are also fingerless. It makes it so much easier when texting/paying for something rather than having to take your gloves off completely (and usually drop them!).. And then when your fingers get cold you can just pop over the top of them.


6) Floral Thermo Mug

I saw this mug and thought it was so pretty. It suits my personality completely – I love things like this. It was only £2.50 from Primark and it is really perfect for my hot chocolates 🙂


I got some other things this month, but I want to do reviews on them so I have left them out. It looks like I have gone a bit Primark mad, but you can’t fault a good bargain!
Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to link me to your March favourites too 🙂



7 thoughts on “My March Must-Have’s

  1. Lovely list! I have the same Rimmel nail polish – the blue one – and love it! I really want that mug as well. I’ll have to take a look in Primark soon! xx

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