Another one bites the dust…

So I have just finished another uni assignment today *yaaaay*.

It’s due in this Friday, and last week I was really stressing about it because I didn’t have very much motivation to finish it. Today I went into the kitchen/living area of my student flat and sat away and worked on it all afternoon and have managed to get it done. I find it so hard to motivate myself to complete assignments these days so I have to get out of my bedroom in order to be productive. I think it’s because in my room I relax too much and then get sleepy and distracted.

So yeah.. That’s one more assignment to tick off the list.

I feel as though I haven’t really been on here and blogging the last couple of days, just because I have felt annoyed at myself for not prioritising my assignments. Now that another one is done though I can try and blog more! I finish on Friday for three weeks Easter break which is great – but, it is going to be full of assignments and work. Tomorrow I am going to be busy sorting through my dissertation documents because I have my last meeting with my dissertation tutor on Thursday, then I am all on my own ready to hand it in.

I’m scared!! I feel like I’m growing up too quickly. It was only yesterday that my parents were waving me off for my first day of school, wasn’t it?

Anyway, what I’m trying to say – Keep an eye out for some new posts tonight (if I can wake myself up) and over the next few days. More posts will be coming, I just had to concentrate on getting my uni work done the last few days 🙂


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