“My hopes and dreams for the future…” – Fantastic Guest Post by Sophie-Jane

Today I have a wonderful feature post by Sophie-Jane to share with you. I absolutely love her blog and I urge you to check it out straight away! Here Sophie is talking about her future, her hopes and her dreams! Im sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I have , and please head over to her blog after 🙂

My hopes and dreams for the future…

The future. You’re told to live in the present, not the present or the future either. The present. But as a society are we able to achieve that? My heart beats this second, in the present but my head trails to the future.

At school what is enforced in your face? Future. Future. Future. ‘How well you do in this exam will determine your future!’ That sentence causes my ears to protest and block out anything else. The thought of one exam shaping my life scares the absolute crap out of me!

Right, so you might want a bit of background on me. I am 15 and (unbelievably) have just under a year until I finish my GCSE’s. How bloody scary? The pressure is unreal. I have one chance thanks to the omniscient government who’ve decided to scrap the option to retake if you fail. I have one question: how is that fair? Generations before me have been able to retake: my mum, my dad, aunt and uncle, grandparents too. But can I?


I can only try my best though and will have to pray that is good enough. To say I am determined is an understatement! I am a massively conscientious perfectionist and in my life I want to achieve amazing things. Feel free to endorse in all the things I aspire to do with throughout my life time…

Obviously at the moment one of my biggest priorities is completing my GCSE’s. Once I’ve completed them I really want to go to sixth form, not necessarily at my current school though because it’s absolutely rubbish! I know for sure that I would like to get an English A-Level but other than that I haven’t a clue of what I’m going to choose. I take history and geography for GCSE and love them both with a passion so I guess I will possibly pursue either, or both of them. Being the political person I am, I really think that I’d love to study government and politics. Hehe, I adore debating so badly!

Like a lot of people, I want to travel the world. I literally can’t wait. When I get to do that I haven’t quite decided, but I know when the time is right it will happen. I would love to go to Australia and some smaller islands across the globe so I can truly appreciate different cultures. I think I would consider taking a gap year in order to feed my travelling passion. When I’m out travelling I would like to be able work in different countries. Guess it would be a memorable experience.

So after, or possibly before (depending on how my life works out) I go travelling I want to go to either university or get an apprenticeship. Currently do not know what I want to do yet but I will try my hardest to get good enough grades to achieve a blossoming career probably surrounding writing or politics!
Whatever the future brings I find it exhilarating and filled with opportunities. The world is an exciting place and more than anything else, I can’t wait to explore it.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jenny for letting me feature on her amazing blog. Check out her article on my blog (sophiejaneblogs.weebly.com) and follow me on twitter @sophiejaneblogs


How inspirational was that?! Sophie-Jane’s determination has really inspired me to chase my dreams, and everything she said was very relatable. Remember please head over to here to check out her blog and give her a follow 🙂
I would just like to thank you so so much Sophie for featuring on my blog. I wish you all the best for the future, and I am positive you will have no problem in reaching your hopes and dreams 🙂 xox


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