“Love Is All You Need” – Putting life into perspective

I came across this video on You Tube a while ago and was really touched by it. Infact, I was so touched by it that I cried. Yes okay, I cry at a lot of things. But there was so much emotion I felt watching the video that it really put life into perspective and touched my heart.

The short film is made by an extremely talented person to say the least. It deals with the controversy around issues of homophobia, homosexuality and bullying. However, there is a huge twist.

What if homosexuality was the norm, and heterosexuality was wrong and illegal?

Well, this film shows what life would be like. It deals with a world in which it was illegal for males and females to have relationships together. It was only right for women to be together, and men to be together – same sex couples. A young girl and boy develop feelings for one another, however it focus’ on the life of the young girl and how she gets bullied and beaten for being interested in a boy. It was so wrong.. disgusting. Eventually, it gets too much for her to deal with.

Stop bullying. Accept Everyone. Love Eachother.

It doesn’t matter whether people like the same sex, opposite sex or even both. Nobody deserves to get bullied for their sexuality. Accept people for who they are.

I really advise you to watch this video. It is so touching, and as I said before, it really puts life into perspective. What if we lived in a world with different rules and laws? This video shows how wrong it was for the girl to be bullied for liking boys, so why is it ‘apparently’ so wrong for people to like the same sex in reality?

Here is a link to the video – Let me know what you think. Enjoy.


P.s – grab a tissue to sob into before you start!!


5 thoughts on ““Love Is All You Need” – Putting life into perspective

  1. Saw that a few months ago – brought back lovely school memories!…..
    ‘Stop bullying. Accept Everyone.’ is right – you even get far more out of people this way. I understand why people do it – because bullying is an addiction & gives a high & feeling of power. A lot of people who do bully are going through their own issues. They don’t realise though how long the consequences last….

    • Absolutly! It really touched me when I watched it. I don’t think people realise that these memories actually psychologically harm people and stay with them for life. It’s all fun and games for some people sadly. I wish people would see this video and think twice about their actions !

  2. I love everything about this post. Who is to say what is the norm and what is socially unacceptable? Everyone deserves to be treated as the equals we are, regardless of our race, sexuality, gender, religion, what have you. Great post, and great blog! Care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

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