“My body won’t listen to my mind..”

So many people really want to loose weight and try their best to… but complain that they just can’t. But does anyone else have the opposite problem?

Ever since I was born I have always been tiny. I was born 2 weeks late and was still too small… However, I was healthy. For years I have eaten loads, yet stayed tiny. It got to a point where people kept asking me “how are you so skinny? The amount you eat you should be huge!!”… but I just could not put on weight.Image

I’m 20 years old now. Sadly, it’s got to a point where my weight is actually really bothering me. So many people dream of being skinny, but I’m the opposite. I want to be bigger… a lot bigger. It feels as though its impossible for me to put on weight no matter how hard I try and how much I eat. It just doesn’t make sense!

I’ve had tests at the doctors for things like thyroxin to see whether that’s what is causing it, but they all came back negative.

I was just wondering whether anybody else experiences this problem? It really is upsetting when people judge me and think I don’t eat, when I actually do eat alot. It never really bothered me before – I just accepted the way I am – but nowadays, I am always getting commented on being “skinny” and how its such a bad thing. People assume I purposely make myself like this, when I don’t.

I guess everybody is different though. I must just have an extremely fast metabolism. But all I can say is that we all need to accept that everybody is beautiful in their own way, even when they don’t feel it. Don’t hate yourself for not being able to loose weight or put on weight, just try to accept who you are and keep trying to reach whatever your goal is.

Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe it just takes a little time and patience.



2 thoughts on ““My body won’t listen to my mind..”

  1. Isn’t it really sad how again, people are judgmental? I experience this too sometimes; people think I don’t really eat much. I wouldn’t say I eat a lot, but when I have eaten more than usual I fail to gain weight. I have a fast metabolism too but I’m hoping that means it won’t be so bad as I get older and stuff. 🙂 xx

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