“Fashion blogging is my passion” – Wonderful Guest Post by Thea Mechleb

Today, I have a wonderful guest post by Thea to share with you. Thea is a new fashion blogger and her blog is fantastic! Please go check out her blog and hit the follow button after you have read this post! Here, Thea is talking about her passion for fashion blogging, and it is most definitely inspiring! Enjoy!! 🙂

Guest Post by Théa Mechleb

Do you ever feel like you need to free yourself from a very heavy weight that’s been keeping you down? Would you ever just throw yourself in the water hoping it calm down your trouble with its soothing way of moving? Do you ever just take the ice-cream box, with a big Nutella pot and eat it out like nothing ever mattered? Do you ever scream and shout and let it all out?

Well I do… or at least I used to. My name is Théa Mechleb and I’m a new fashion blogger. I have always lived like a typical teenager that only needed to let go. But I finally found a way to let go of all my worries by doing something I like and love: blogging and not any blogging: fashion blogging. thea gp

Blogging became a way of life. Blogging can be seen as posting pictures mostly but there’s a lot that happens too. For me, I used to post pictures all the time, now I’m more into writing because I know that besides having the attractive function, a blog needs to inform, needs to have some potential. Moreover, what girl doesn’t like to dress up and feel pretty? Because since I do, I decided to post about what makes me happy and what I do best.

Mostly, I post about fashion. But I recently started to talk about my lifestyle in general: going over sports, or music and having in mind some other sectors to develop through-out my blog. I can say that it’s becoming more and more helpful for me to have a blog because the more problems you get, the less stressful life becomes when you have somewhere to write and to post and something you like to care of.

Also, I’ve been described to be a person of arts: dancing and singing always were in my life, as well as acting or drawing. Through art, it’s really easy to express yourself and writing for me, became a way to liberate yourself as well.

Now about fashion, it’s always been in my life. Through my younger years, my mother really liked to throw some attention regarding my clothing and she was always the one to inspire me with her look since she’s a really classy person and always smart in her outfits. She really is a true motivation for me and I look up to her in many ways.

But I love going shopping too! Discovering on my own what is hot right now and what is not, what’s new and what’s to throw out. I love the fact that everyone perceives fashion differently and also perceives it subjectively, mostly based on his/her appearance and morphology.

Therefore, fashion seems to be a passion for anyone these days but each and every person does their best to rise up in the industry. Only some achieve something, as it is very hard to succeed, but I know I will try my best and I will fight for what I want and what I do believe I deserve.

Fashion blogging is also a profession nowadays but the best fashion-related profession still is fashion designing. And to be honest, I do get it, because fashion bloggers need fashion designers in order to make a living out of their work.

I do believe there are many better fashion bloggers than me, but I don’t know if their motivation is as good! Plus, I need to remind that I work with what I have.

That is why fashion blogging really is a new passion that I created for myself.

What a lovely post that was! So inspirational, don’t you think?! Her motivation jumps out of the screen which I absolutely love. Please remember to head over to Thea’s blog – My Cup of Tea 🙂
I would like to say a massive thank you to Thea for featuring on my blog! I wish you all the best! 🙂 xxx


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