“In the name of James Dean” – Guest Post by Claudia

Today, I have a very insightful guest post written by Claudia. Here, Claudia is sharing with us a very important message about sharing love and living life to the full. I hope you enjoy it! Please head over to Claudia’s lovely blog afterwards here!

I don’t know if it ever happens to you but sometimes I found myself trapped into Wikipedia reading famous people biographies. (Maybe) Creepy but true!

I don’t know how, the other day I ended up reading James Dean biography. A lot of you maybe don’t even know who James Dean was. Fair. I wasn’t born and my mom was a baby when he died (you should Google him anyway and maybe watch Rebel Without a Cause, such a beautiful movie).

Why am I telling you that? Well, I felt inspired by James Dean. He was a beautiful soul, strong and terribly weak at the same time. Strikingly handsome but tormented.

He made me realize once again how short life is. DEAN2
As far as we know, it’s the only life we get and sometimes we forget about it, especially when we’re young.
I’d like to remember more often that life is short and we should take advantage of it.
We should celebrate life everyday, trying to do the best for ourselves and people all around us.
What goes around, comes around.
And I’m talking about kindness.

I truly believe in kindness as a lifestyle. I’d like people to live being kind one to another.
I always say “Why not making someone happy if you have the power to?”.

So, dear readers, I invite you all to make people around you happy before midnight today.
Do you think that your mom has a nice perfume? Tell her.
Do you think that you dad has a nice shirt? Tell him.
Do you think the girl on the bus has nice hair? Tell her.
Do you think your grandma makes the best tea in the world? Tell her.

It’s so easy making people we know and we don’t know happy. Plus it’s free.
What do we have to lose?

I’m sure people around us would have something to say to us too and make our day a fine day.
I want to start the revolution: you, who are reading these words, you are a beautiful person who has to fight to make his/her life the best life possible.

Let’s celebrate life…in the name of James Dean!

Much love,

I really loved this post. I found it so inspirational and gave me even more motivation to live life to the fullest! Please remember to go and check out Claudia’s blog over at – http://claudia-overtherainbow.blogspot.co.uk/ and you can also find her on Twitter at – @ClaudiaAlready .

I would like to say a massive thank you to Claudia for writing such an inspirational feature post on my blog! 🙂 xxx

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