‘What Alice Forgot’ by Liane Moriarty: Book Review

Although this book didn’t catch my attention immediately, it certainly did as it went on! Once I got into the book, I was so desperate to find out what was going to happen, that I struggled to put it down.

Alice Love falls over in the gym and severely bangs her head, causing her to develop amnesia. When Alice awakes in hospital, she is desperate to ring her husband, Nick Love – He always knows how to make her feel better. Apart from he couldn’t. What Alice doesn’t realise is that it is 2008, she has three beautiful children and is currently filing a divorce with her “beloved” Nick. Alice is convinced it is 1998, she is happily married, and pregnant with her and Nick’s first baby.forgot

The book follows Alice’s journey from day one of her accident, and how she is adapting to the real world – the 2008 version. Nobody knew how soon it would be until Alice got her memory back, but for now, she just had to try and put up with it and get back into her normal routine, and hope her memory does come back. Through this journey, Alice discovers that she doesn’t like the woman she has become. 10 years ago, everything was perfect.. So, what happened? When did her life become so different?

We travel with Alice along her journey of meeting her three children who she didn’t realise existed, whilst trying to figure out where her marriage went so wrong, and trying to fix everything.

The majority of the way through reading this book, I didn’t want Alice to regain her memory. She seemed a much nicer person 10 years ago and I was so desperate for her and Nick to get back together, because quite frankly, they seemed perfect for each other despite the little flaws each of them had. Towards the end of the book, I was slightly disappointed because I didn’t expect the story to end the way that I wanted. However, in the end, I was over the moon with how the book ended!

The book also follows her sister, Elisabeth, and her Grandmother, Frannie’s, story throughout too which I find really interesting. Although I did find it confusing at first, it soon made sense. It helps you to understand Alice’s background and get familiar with the context a bit more which is great.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I find the way Liane dealt with the amnesia Alice had was really helpful. I didn’t have much knowledge about the condition before, but since reading the book it has made me realise how severe the condition is, and how much it can change someone’s life. Most of the characters were likeable in the end, although I did dislike some of them towards the beginning of the book.

I would definitely recommend reading this book. I’m also really excited about reading ‘The Husband’s Secret’ by Liane Moriarty too, so if you enjoy ‘What Alice Forgot’, then I’m sure you will enjoy this one too ! 🙂


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