“An insight to my blog” – Guest Post by Dorey

Today, I have a great guest post written by Dorey to share with you. Here, Dorey is giving you a brief insight into her blog, and sharing an extract from a post of hers with you! Hope you enjoy reading it, and be sure to check out her blog afterwards – here!

So I saw the opportunity to be able to reach a wider audience by doing a guest blog. So hello there fellow bloggers. 

I just wanted to give a little insight into my blog. I blog about anything and everything, from visiting the gym to discussing the annoying kids on the train.  I’m also in the first year of living with my Boyfriend which is a first for me and I like the idea of documenting our lives together (the good and the bad)
He is bugging me to read this blog and I’ve been denying him access as some of the stuff is very personal which is crazy as you guys are strangers and you know some inner thoughts that I could never tell anyone. But I like that! Plus I can bitch and vent about him occasionally! Hahaha so keep it between us!!! :))
 So here is an extract from my blog. Check it out I’m just starting out… But I’m loving it I hope you do too!!! Enjoy! 😉

You’re wedding dress is lovely… She said through lying lips!!BlniTPGIUAAGUiV
So we’ve all been to weddings and been wowed by the brides transformation from

Plain Jane to beautiful bride with their expensive one time dress that makes them look like a princess and their hair and make up done to perfection. You can’t help but gasp when they walk in the room…. But what if that’s not the case…. What if the dress fits them horribly, their make up looks average and their hair looks like they have let their 16 year old niece loose on their locks!!! Well this just happened to me…. My friend who is naturally pretty and a nice figure I expected her wow factor to be amazing and floor me… And I was not moved at all. Que my acting skills… Gush cover mouth and sigh. Nailed it she believes me!!
Now what to say when people ask about the wedding and the bride’s dress as obviously I can’t lie…. Could I??
Well as I gave my honest opinion to my Mum she stated you can’t slag off someone’s wedding dress…. Errmmm mother I think I can it was horrendously bad!!! 
So readers what’s your take on bad weddings?

I really appreciated the honesty that came with that post! I love the fact that Dorey has shown that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind – Sometimes, honesty is the best policy! Please remember to go and check out Dorey’s lovely new blog over at – http://domesticatedmess1619.blogspot.co.uk/?m=0 🙂
I would like to say a huge thank you to Dorey for taking time to write and share with us this fantastic article! I look forward to seeing more as your blog progresses! 🙂 xxx

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