“University life through a mothers eyes” – Guest Post by Karen

Today, I am lucky enough to share with you a fantastic guest post by Karen. KD Forsman is an avid ebook reader and reviewer.  Recently she has been reading chic lit, weight loss, fitness, mystery & thriller, Sci fi, project management, books on self help, blogging, big data and erotica… after all what middle aged woman hasn’t had her nose in 50 shades of something?!  She hopes to make a start on her own novel one day soon; but procrastination is an awfully big word that keeps getting in her way.  Her guest post is all about University life, through a mother’s eyes.  Please enjoy and head over to her blog afterwards…

University Life… through a mothers eyes…

It goes without saying that my son, all 6’4” of him, is the apple of my eye.  He’s intelligent, kind, funny and despite a tendency to spend most of his time glued to a computer screen, is actually quite a sociable young man as well.   At 19, I think he’s the perfect catch for any young women around his age – but then what do I know, I’m completely biased of course!

As we lived for many years in a remote rural location, Steven went to High School as a weekly boarder.  This meant that he went to school each week and boarded in town but would be home most weekends.  After five years of boarding, you would think that the transition (for me) of him being a boarder to being a fully fledged Uni student would be a walk in the park.  Hmmm, not so much.

The first year of university wasn’t so bad as he went into the ‘halls of residence’ providing that assurance and comfort that he had a roof over his head and three square meals a day.  But it was the second year of university, when Steven went flatting, that reality hit.  My little boy was growing up!mykindlereviewsthumbnail

Flatting has given Steven a whole new level of independence and responsibility.  He has to budget, make his own meals, get on with his five other flatmates – yep there’s six of them flatting together and spend his money wisely.  Another really important thing is that he has to manage his time well, between study, work and of course, that all important socialising.

University life has given Steven an opportunity to reinvent himself.  At high school he was always known as the ‘non-sporty’ kid, wearing the ‘computer geek’ badge with pride.  I have seen a real shift in this, particularly now he’s flatting, the latest thing is that he and a mate have bought some sound mixing equipment and are DJ’ing at clubs and house parties, of all things!  Like, when did that happen?

No longer does he text me when he’s done some super tricky piece of computer programming, oh no… now he’s ringing me to tell me that he’s been invited to DJ at the Girls High School Ball or at a new club in town.

In New Zealand the first week of university is referred to as O’week which is short for Orientation week.  Steven and his mate Aaron have formed a bit of a dynamic duo and they got a number of DJ gigs during O’week, which they managed to fit in between toga parties, pub crawls and of course their quota of study (yeah right!).

As a Mum, of course, I’m happy that he’s found a new ‘hobby’ (okay, my words), but there’s some warning bells going off about whether his studies are suffering as a result.  This concern is heightened with each new (and expensive) piece of DJ equipment he is buying to feed the growing need to be seen using the right gear.

One morning I got a text out of the blue from Steven which went a bit like this;

“Hi Mum, I’ve decided to drop my papers this semester and focus on work and DJ’ing for a while. Sooo busy right now, something’s gotta give”

My eyes popped out of my head when I read it.  I was in the car with my Mum at the time and when I read it out to her she nearly crashed.

I text him back, along the lines of…

“WTF?! ring me, we need to talk”
Yes, the situation was dire and needed some strong language and stern words.  But I was in no way prepared for the text that would come next…

“Mum, what day is it?”
I turned to my mother in horror and said, “Oh no, he’s dropping out of university and he doesn’t even know what day of the week it is! I think he’s on drugs!  We need to plan an intervention. As I fired off the next text which read “RING ME NOW”, I was planning a phone call to his grandfather (my father-in-law), someone that Steven admires and looks up to, so that he could talk some sense into my wayward boy.

My phone rings.  I pick it up.
“Where are you?” I demand, visions of him lying in a drug induced coma in a gutter somewhere running through my head.

“What day is it?” he responded, repeating his earlier question

“What do you mean, what bloody day is it?” I bark back, my blood pressure hitting the ceiling. I can hear my pulse thumping in my eardrums.

“Mum” he replies speaking super slowly as if I’m an idiot “April Fools Day”

He laughs.
I burst into tears.
He’s horrified.  How could his joke have backfired so terribly.
He hates to see me upset.
I explain that these are happy tears.
My lovely precious gorgeous son is in one piece.

And my world, which felt a bit pear shaped for just a few minutes, is perfectly round once more.

I really enjoyed reading this post and I’m so glad I have had the chance to share it with you! Being a university student myself, I can only imagine what goes through my parents head sometimes when I’m on a night out etc, so I found it really interesting to see it from a mothers point of view! Remember to head over to Karen’s blog – http://mykindlebookreviews.com/ 🙂
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Karen for featuring on my blog! I look forward to reading your future posts! 🙂 xxx



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