‘A Jersey Affair’ by Georgina Troy: Book Review

I was really lucky to win a signed copy of A Jersey Affair by Georgina Troy on Jenny in Neverland’s blog, and I am so thankful that I did. I absolutely loved reading this book. So thank you very much to both Georgina and Jenny! 🙂

Paige Bingham, a shoe designer in Jersey, decides to go on her honeymoon to Sorrento alone after getting jilted at her wedding by her husband to be. Whilst on the honeymoon alone, Paige meets Sebastian Fielding – A handsome, successful entrepreneur who is also visiting Sorrento. After spending so much time together there, Paige and Sebastian become extremely close, but it was soon time for them to head home.

When Paige arrives back home in Jersey, she finds out that Sebastians company is taking over De Grays; the store where her shoe business is located. Confused why Sebastian never bothered to tell her this, considering how close they had become, Paige feels as though she has been deceived, so tries to ignore her feelings for him as much as possible. Paige has no choice but to put her professional life as her main priority and try to save her shoe business from falling apart. However, can she forgive the handsome Sebastian after he lied to her?jersey aff

First of all, I absolutely adore the cover of this book. The silhouettes against the lovely deep blue sky completely drew me in immediately. It reminds me of warm summer evenings where you go for a romantic walk along the beach, which I think is so beautiful.

I loved this book. In fact, this was the quickest I have read a book in ages. I started reading it late Monday night and finished reading it on Wednesday morning. If I didn’t have university lectures and assignments to complete, I would have easily finished it in a day.

The way in which it is written makes it easy to read and leaves you wanting more. The locations of both Jersey and Sorrento were beautifully described which created a perfectly romantic setting in my head.

I loved all of the characters in this book. Paige was a beautiful, friendly, strong minded girl who was also pretty ditzy. This enabled me to identify with her quite a bit because I can be extremely clumsy at times too. Although Sebastian avoided telling Paige the truth at first, I really liked how determined he was to get Paige back. After all, the only reason he didn’t want to tell her about his company taking over was because he didn’t want to ruin their connection they had developed in Sorrento. Therefore, although it was wrong of him to avoid the truth, he was trying to protect her in a funny sort of way – so you kind of have to admire him for that in a way.

Paige’s sister Clem, and Clems boyfriend/Paige’s best friend, Olly, came across really lovely and supportive throughout. I have to be honest, at first I thought Olly was a gay best friend of Paige’s, so it took me a while to picture him slightly differently. I think the reason I thought that was because the way in which he spoke to Paige reminded me of the way one of my best friends (who is gay) speaks to me. I really admire their friendship – they are not afraid to speak the truth, and they trust each other completely.

This is the only book of Georgina’s that I have read, and I absolutely loved it. I found it so difficult to put it down when I had to go to work, that the moment I got back I picked it up again. This has got me so excited to read Georgina’s other book – A Jersey Kiss – now, so I can’t wait to go and buy that one.

I would 100% recommend this book. It flows so well, and trust me, you won’t want it to end. It is the perfect read for when you come home after a long day and want to escape and relax, or to sit in the garden for a romantic summer read. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough to win a copy, because it has introduced me to an absolutely fabulous author!






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