Sunday Funday Challenge #1

Welcome to the first ‘Sunday Funday Challenge!’

For those of you unaware, I have set up this challenge myself in order to help you find new blogs that you will love, and to help promote your own blog posts to a different audience.

Here’s how it works:

1) Every Sunday I will post a blog post entitled ‘Sunday Funday Challenge’.

2) Every Sunday, you pick one blog post of your choice from your own blog, which you want to share with people. Copy and paste the URL into the comments section below in order to share it with other Sunday Funday participants.

3) Each Sunday, pick a different post from the week before, which you want to share.

It’s as simple as that!

Invite others to read your favourite posts, comment on blog posts which you love, and promote yourself.

If you have a Twitter account, share the challenge with your followers and use the hashtag #SundayFundayChallenge – The more the merrier and all bloggers are welcome!

So, let’s get started shall we?

Here is my post I’m going to share with you today on why I love blogging:

Now, copy and paste a post of your own into the ‘comments’ section below, check out the posts shared by other bloggers and most of all have fun!! 🙂

I look forward to reading your posts! ❤


38 thoughts on “Sunday Funday Challenge #1

      • Thanks doll….i think what you are doing is great in respect to the #sundayfunday….how is your revision going? Have u started to apply for jobs or are you going to do further education? Xo

      • Aw thankyou lovely 🙂 revisions going okay, last exam is tomorrow then I’m finished for good… Scary!! I’m planning on getting a job but I haven’t started applying yet as I know it would have been added stress on myself. But I’m going to start looking next week 🙂 how are you? xx

      • The weight that will lift off your shoulders after tommorrow will be bliss….im ok….desperately want to blog full time….i just love it.

    • I love this post! I can relate to it because I love music too. I used to play flute and piano, and I still play piano in my spare time. That’s amazing you write your own songs – I can’t listen to them as I’m on my phone right now but I will watch them as soon as I’m on my laptop/iPad 🙂 I’m really looking forward to checking them out though, your passion is inspiring 🙂 xx

    • I really enjoyed reading that post! I would probably have to agree with you there – it doesn’t necessarily mean you love computers and enjoy school too much! Also, being “geeky” Is nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I love your post! I’m a sucker for cute homely items so absolutely loved reading this and looking at the photos 🙂 I also love love love number 11 on your wishlist – its so cute! 🙂 x

    • Thank you – me too! 🙂
      Your post is great! I love reading too and there’s nothing to be ashamed of! I feel as though not many people I know actually want to discuss books too, which is why I’m so happy to find blogs who do! 🙂 x

      • I know it’s not Sunday anymore, but I’m really enjoying browsing through everyone’s posts – well done, again, for coming up with this idea. 🙂 (Thanks for giving me something to do on a Monday morning too, haha) Same, I didn’t realise that there was such a community until recently but I’m loving that I’ve found it! x

      • Aw thank you! I’m really glad you like the idea of it. I’ve really enjoyed reading through everyone’s posts – I honestly didn’t think that many people would take part so I’m really pleased with that! 🙂
        Me too. I’ve got into reading so much more since finding people who share the same passion 🙂 x

    • I LOVE this post! It is so inspirational! ❤
      I'm sorry to hear about the trauma your body has gone through, but I'm glad to hear that a couple of years on you are doing well!
      When I'm at a bad point, I also like to read inspiring and motivational quotes. Your last point about not running away from problems is really true too – even though running away feels like the simplest option, sometimes running away can be the worst thing you could do.
      Well done for staying so strong through it all 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you!
      This is a fantastic post! I agree with it 100%!
      Self confidence and low self esteem are so common these days, and I would say a huge amount of it is down to the ways in which it is spoken about online and in the media. I for one, most certainly don’t have as much self esteem as I used to, and when I see things online ‘judging’ other bodies and saying how you should be, it usually makes me really upset and feel even worse about my self.
      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Lovely post! I’m not a mother yet myself, but I can 100% understand where you’re coming from. I think we take too much for granted, when at the end of the day, they are doing what’s best for us 🙂 x

    • Thank you! Great post – I’m pretty short and I have so much trouble finding jeans which fit me perfectly!
      They’re either far too long, or they don’t fit my leg properly. When I find some that fit perfectly (which is hardly ever) I buy 2 pairs to last me! haha 🙂 x

    • This was so touching, Angela. Good for you for writing it down and letting it out. You’re not weak – you’re no different to everyone else. Just some people find it easier to deal with situations such as this.
      Stay positive, things will get better. Most of all, don’t feel guilty. I know exactly how you feel as I have been there myself, but you are just as much the blame for it as your husband – neither of you are. Sadly, it’s just life and it will get better eventually 🙂 xx

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