‘The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me’ by Jimmy Rice and Laura Tait: Book Review

I was really lucky to win a copy of this book on Stacey’s blog, and I am so thankful that I did.

Holly and Alex were best friends and it soon became time for them to part from one another whilst Holly leaves for university. Holly had never told Alex her true feelings towards him, so the evening before she was due to go away seemed like the perfect opportunity to open up to him and tell him the truth. However, this does not go at all to plan, and they are each left wondering what happened..

Forward eleven years…TBTTNHTM

Eleven years on and Holly is living her life in London, working as a PA and sucked up in a secretive relationship with her boss. Alex moves to London for a fresh start, and begins teaching at a London school. London life appears a whole lot different to his previous life in a small town and he is a stranger to everybody.

Holly and Alex end up reconnecting and building up the friendship that they had all of those years ago. Neither of them knew that they were secretly in love with one another, but you can never forget your first love, can you? Have the feelings finally vanished, or is this new reunion going to set off a spark between them?

I have never read a book written by two authors before and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works! When I discovered two authors, Jimmy Rice and Laura Tait, wrote this book together, I was a bit concerned whether it would get confusing, especially if their writing styles were different. But I absolutely loved it – it worked perfectly.

The book alternates between the viewpoints of both Holly and Alex, which was really interesting. Sometimes alternating between characters can get confusing, but this book flowed so well and it was great to see things from both the male and female perspectives. I felt as though I was drawn inside the book, and was a best friend of both Holly and Alex’s because I knew all the juicy things each of them were thinking about one another.

The writing style was so easy to read and get lost in, and I had a struggle in putting it down. It was humorous at times, yet also very realistic too – especially the situations the characters found themselves in.

Both Holly and Alex were such loveable characters and I really did feel for them sometimes. It’s such a horrible feeling being in love with somebody but too afraid to tell them, so at times I really wanted them to both open their eyes wide and realise that they were perfect for each other. The only characters that I really wasn’t too keen on was Alex’s best friend who seemed to objectify women a lot, and Holly’s partner/boss. Of course, I understand the difficulties that must come with office relationships and can totally understand why he wanted it to be kept a secret, but I just wanted him to show a bit more love and respect towards Holly, and be proud of her and put their relationship before himself for once.

All in all, I seriously enjoyed this book. I managed to devour it in just one day and was disappointed when it ended. I would love to read a follow up book and find out what happened once the book ended. Laura and Jimmy should be so proud of themselves for working together and creating such a fabulous book. I’m really excited to read their future novels and I am positive that they have a successful career together ahead of them.

As I said at the beginning of this review, I was lucky enough to win a copy of this novel before the print copy has actually been released. Therefore, I recommend you put this book on your TBR pile – it will be totally worth it!

Paper back to be released: 3rd July 2014.


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