The Mistake Which Changed My Life..

I have made many choices which I regret throughout my life; however, there is one that seems to have made a huge impact on my life, in the worst way I could imagine.

It all began on the night of my 18th birthday…

I was enjoying a quiet drink with my friends at the local towns pub. It was a quiet Sunday night and there was probably only about 15 people max in the pub. I had 3 vodka and lemonades. This wasn’t much for me. I’ve been out with my friends many times before and drank much more than that. Plus, although it was my 18th, I didn’t want to get really drunk. I’d had an amazing day with all of my family so wanted to end the day having a quiet drink with my friends and actually remember it all!

I got up and brought my 4th drink of the night… same as before – vodka and lemonade.

Then…. I made the mistake which I will forever regret. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

My friends asked if I wanted to play a game of pool. The pool table was right next to the table which I was sat at, so I put my drink down and grabbed a cue. After just 1 shot, I took a sip of my drink.drink-spiking-2

That was it… there was no going back. I’d been spiked.

The next thing I remember is hanging over my bath at home, having no control over any of my body, puking my guts up and all my family around me panicking. I don’t even remember what they were saying. I just remember the panicked voices and my sister on the phone to the ambulance. I also have a vague memory of everyone singing ‘Incy wincy spider’ to me to try and keep me conscious until the ambulance arrived to rush me to hospital.

The next day, I literally thought I was dying.

At about 4am I got sent home with my parents. 10am came around and I felt queasy but stable. I sat downstairs with my family but as time went on I felt stupidly ill and literally any part of my body that I moved, whether it was just my little finger or my leg, it made me really violently sick and burn up. An hour passed and I grew far too weak so was rushed back to hospital.

This was no hangover.

I got out the car at the hospital and immediately fell on the floor. I couldn’t stand or move… I was too weak to control my body… almost as if it was paralysed in a way. I actually thought I was going to die.. it was the worst feeling ever. I got put on a drip and had lots of medication pumped into me and was plugged into a heart monitor and several hours later I was able to leave.

At the time, I honestly didn’t think I was ever going make it home from hospital and live my life. I thought I had ruined my families lives forever.

I spent the next two weeks in bed, unable to eat or drink anything other than ice cold water. I grew so weak and skinny. It was devastating.

Now, 2 years on, it has still affected my life. Since that happened I have developed terrible social anxiety. I feel sick and nervous on various occasions, and it is all because of that traumatic night.

I know people say never live with regrets etc. But all that goes through my mind when I think of this day is ‘what if…’ and ‘If only…’.

I’d been spiked. It was the worst experience I have ever had and I wish people would realise how dangerous it is. I could have lost my life, and many people have in the past, due to other people’s stupidity.

I don’t know what people will think when they read this, but I really hope that it will make you think twice about leaving your drink alone, or even taking drinks from strangers. Trust me, it isn’t worth it. I almost died due to somebody else’s stupidity.

I really wish police and adverts would raise more awareness of the dangers of being spiked, because trust me; you do not want to be in the condition I was in.

I’m just thankful I had my family around me. I literally cannot thank them enough. If it wasn’t for them and all of their support, I would have given up trying to breathe and stay conscious that night. I wouldn’t be here to write this now.



39 thoughts on “The Mistake Which Changed My Life..

  1. I am so sorry you had to go through this, it’s so awful. But at least now you can raise awareness and let others know your experience and hopefully help people too 🙂 especially as it’s something people don’t tend to think about.

    • Thank you, Mia!
      Yeah exactly. I think its the sort of thing where people think ‘it will never actually happen to me’ so it doesn’t get much awareness. Fingers crossed it will help make people be more careful though 🙂 x

  2. Wow, I’m so glad you’re alright! We’re always cautioned to watch our drinks and be careful, but these things happen in a split second without us even realizing it. I hope that speaking out about this on your blog will help you heal and release some of that anxiety. You’re doing a great thing here sharing your story!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I had always been told to watch my drink, which I always had up until then, but as there was only my little group of friends in the pub I thought I would be safe.. But you cant trust anyone!
      I really hope so too. I’m glad you think so! Thank you 🙂 xx

  3. Oh my God Jenny! This is absolutely terrible! I’m so sorry you had you go through this awful ordeal. Drink spiking is one of the worst and lowest things anyone can do and I feel so sorry for all those that have been affected. Fortunately, in my few years of drinking like a fish I was never spiked, I did tend to keep my drink on me at all times. Saying that, just because you left your drink on your table for 30 seconds doesn’t mean it should have happened! It’s so important that you tell people about your experience and make people aware that these things don’t just happen in massive night clubs with lots of people. I’m sorry that it’s affected you so much that you suffer from social anxiety – anxiety can stem from anywhere but in this case it’s important that you use it to make yourself stronger and a better person 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, Jenny 🙂
      It really is! It seemed more likely to have it done at a huge packed nightclub than a small quiet pub, but I suppose it shows it can happen anywhere at any time! That’s good you keep yours on you at all times. That was literally the only time I have ever left it – typical! Even though I don’t drink anymore, I still cover up my drinks with my whole hand whilst I’m out just as a precaution! You never know who is around! Aw, thank you lovely 🙂 xxx

  4. That is such a sad story but I’m glad you shared it as it is something we all need to be careful of – it was lucky you were with your friends and family and not alone. Lots of love xx

  5. This is such a good and important post for all of us to read. Thanks for telling up about your experience, it must have been hard and I’m so sorry you had to go through this, but telling your story is so important to help raise awareness of the dangers.
    You left your drink for a second and look what happened, how many times have all of us left a drink and come back later, or accepted drinks off strangers – you never think of the danger at the time. The worst thing is that so many appear to spike drinks for fun or amusement without realising the dangers of these drugs. It’s so sad that this has caused you anxiety, I hope that in time this will lessen and that you will be able to move past this. Importantly it was not your fault – there are just some really sad and sick people out there. xxx

    • Thankyou for such a nice comment. Yeah i was a bit worried about sharing it but at the same time people need to be made aware that sadly it is something that happens when you least expect it 😦 absolutely, I really hope it does! Thankyou 🙂 xx

  6. I am glad you posted this! The drinking age in the US is 21. I had a lot of friends in high school who traveled to countries where the drinking age was 16. They would have been flattered if someone offered them a drink and/or they probably would have left a drink unattended not knowing the dangers of doing that!

    • Yeah definetely ! I know so many people who will pick up random drinks that are unattended just because it’s a “free” drink. I end up being the mum of the group when I go out now to make sure my friends don’t pick up left drinks! x

  7. This sounds so scary! Who would do that to someone?! It’s awful.
    I’m a big worrier who always thinks of the worst lol, so I don’t really leave my drink alone.
    More awareness would be great, I think it’s one of those things where people think “it will be fine – it would never happen to me”.
    Rachel x

    • It was so scary! I don’t understand why people do it – for their own amusement I would imagine, which is pretty sick! I don’t blame you, that’s the best way to be. 🙂 Yep it’s definitely one of those things where you don’t think it would happen to you! xx

  8. Oh my gosh… I am so sorry you had to go through that. How scary. I’ve always been afraid of something like that, but I’ve never known someone who it actually has happened too. Sometimes I don’t understand people or why they have certain motives… I am SO happy you are okay<3

    • Thank you, Nichole! I will never understand why people do it. I don’t think they realise how serious the consequences can get! There really are some sick people in this world sadly 😦 hope you’re okay! Xxx

  9. It’s a scary world out there and scary people to scary things for no reason other hen “a bit of fun”
    I’m so deeply sorry you had to go through this and how it affected you and your family but im glad you are as strong as you are today and you were able to write this post.
    I don’t know anyone who has been spiked but a friend of mine was at a club and accepted a shot from a stranger, anyway they drunk it and it turned out to be poppers.
    My friend could of died that night because of what happened.

    I will never ever accept a drink of a stranger or leave a drink laying around! X

  10. I’m glad your doing alright. I know all too well how one night can impact the rest your life. I’d like to say thank you, it takes a lot for someone to share such a personal story but sharing raises awareness and that awareness just might save someone else’s life.

  11. That must have been so scary for you, I think I’ve been spiked before, nothing like your experience though. Like you I’d had 2/3 vodkas which also for me isn’t much at all, I was at a house party and I left my drink in the living area, when I came back I finished my drink, I didn’t have another afterwords however not long after I felt like I couldn’t even lift my legs to walk, I felt like they were stuck to the ground and I couldn’t carry my own weight, the next thing I remember is waking up in my friends bed. They all assumed I’d drank too much and carried me to bed as I wasn’t able to walk, but I only had 3 vodkas maximum. The next day I felt awful, I was sick the full day, it felt like a hangover x10, I cried all day over nothing, I felt depressed for a few days after, crying .at everything and anything, I just wasn’t myself. It’s scary to think what could’ve happened, I’ve never left my drink lying again since. Luckily my experience wasn’t at all like yours, but it was enough to scare me. People need to be careful and definitely don’t leave their drink, it could lead to anything especially as you’re not in control of your own body, and it could even be life threatening.

    Great post, people need to be aware.
    Love, Kelz over @

    • That definitely sounds like you were spiked too, Kelz :/ that’s such a shame , what is wrong with some people in this world?! Did you recover ok after that? Are you feeling yourself again now? Yeah they really do need to be careful. Like you, I had n control over my body and no recollection of what happened. It makes me feel quite sick thinking of what could have happened to us if we were left alone 😦 take care! xxx

  12. This is such an unbelievably horrible thing to happen to someone! So so glad your friends and family were there to support you though!! My parents always said never leave your drinks unattended or if you do dont drink it just in case someone would spike it. I’d actually never heard of any true stories and didn’t think people would be so ridiculous and take advantage! But this is a crazy world isn’t it:/ Thank you so much for sharing! Take care of yourself x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

    • Thanks lovely! I had always been told that aswell, and that night is the only time I had ever left it unattended. I suppose I thought I was safe due to there only being a small group of us there and the table was right by me! Definitely my biggest regret! You’re welcome , thankyou 🙂 xx

  13. I’m so sorry. That’s just awful! I will never understand why people do that. What’s the fun in skipping other people’s drinks? What do they get from the pain and the torture they cause?

  14. So glad that you’re ok. That’s really scary, I will never understand their way of thinking. Good thing you had your loving family at your side. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂


  15. So glad your ok. That’s really scary, I will never understand their way of thinking. Good thing you had your loving family at your side. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂


  16. That is so awful, sorry to hear that it happened to you, and its awful that its still affecting you to this day, but its easy to see why, you’ve suffered so terribly! I will never understand why people think its a clever or even funny thing to do to others! I’m lucky enough it hasn’t happened to me, but I’ll after reading this I’ll definitely be more aware when I’m on nights out 🙂 x

    • Thankyou for your comment. I know, I will never understand either. It’s sickening what some people do really, isn’t it? 😦 I’m glad sharing it is making people more aware though! I really don’t think people are aware of it as much as they should be when they are out having fun 🙂 xx

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  18. That’s a really scary thing to have happened. It’s really sad what someone will do for “kicks” or whatever reason it may have been. I’m so glad you recovered as well as you did so far; hopefully with time, you will be able to feel comfortable and relaxed enough go out again.
    But you’re right, this is something that everyone should be vigilant about; when I’m out with friends, we are all careful to watch over each others’ food and drink if one of us walks away.

    • It really is! Thankyou, I do hope so. That’s good you do that. You always hear stories about it happening but you don’t think it actually will. I hope more awareness of it is made in the future! Thankyou for your message 🙂 xx

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  20. omg…This was so traumatic 😦 I just can’t imagine how hard that was for you and your family !. I hope more people see this, Everyone thinks when you get you drink spiked you just get drunk and drowsy. Thank you for raising more awareness x This is defiantly something I will share with family & friends x
    Cait ||

    • Thank you lovely. I agree – Before I actually was spiked, I had no idea how severe it actually was! I told some “friends” about it afterwards, and they just laughed at me! It definitely needs more awareness raised so people understand the severity of it! xxx

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