Five Favourite Posts!

For some reason, I haven’t had much motivation the last couple of days. Usually, I have blog post ideas pop into my head every day, but the last day or so, my mind has gone blank.

Therefore, today I have decided to share with you my top 5 favourite blog posts which I have written. I have now been blogging just over two months and have loved every single moment of it. I have had several fantastic guest bloggers who have also featured on my blog, but I have loved every single one of their posts, so it would be unfair and quite impossible for me to pick any of them to put in my top 5 as well, which is why it is merely just from the posts I have written.

Of course, I know that many of you may have already read these posts before, but I will be leaving a link to each post for those of you who haven’t read them and are interested in reading further!

Enjoy 🙂

1) “Eww, boys are smelly and gross” “Woah, he’s hot!” … Are girls growing up too quickly?

I really enjoyed writing this post because in my point of view, it resembles the society where I live today. I feel as though children are growing up far too quickly these days, compared to how I was when I was younger. I was never interested in boys or make up when I was twelve years old, but a number of girls are these days, even at a younger age than 12!
This was one of the first posts that I properly spoke my mind, and it is also something that I am actually interested in. I find it fascinating how times have changed – I’m sure even I acted much differently to how my parents did at age twelve!
You can view this post here!

2) Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

This is a topic that I feel rather strongly about. What happened to the freedom of being who you want to be? I feel as though no matter what you do these days, you will get judged. Indeed, not everybody will judge you and not everybody will take these comments to heart, but I believe that it is a big issue today.why-blog-2
It doesn’t matter what  you look like. It doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin, masculine or feminine, and so on; everybody is beautiful in their own way and everybody should be accepted. I know for a fact that I am no where near as confident as I used to be, and I would say that one of the reasons for this is down to society – I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t need people pointing out my flaws and telling me how I should be. It’s time people began to accept each other and accept themselves, too.
You can view this post here!

3) Help Raise Awareness and Support for Mental Health

Again, this is a topic which is very close to my heart. Suffering from mental illness myself, and being surrounded by people who do too, I have noticed that mental health does not get as much attention as it should.
Therefore, I decided to write a post that would help raise awareness and support for mental health, and hopefully help other sufferers realise that they are never alone. I was joined by three wonderful bloggers who wrote a small feature post within this post, telling us about their experience with mental health. I am so thankful for them for being so courageous and sharing their experiences – it’s not an easy thing to do!
You can view this post here!
Myself an another blogger, Melodie, also wrote a collaboration post together by sharing our experiences with anxiety.
You can view this post here!

4) The Mistake Which Changed My Life…

Something happened to me on my 18th birthday which has had a huge impact on my life in a very negative way. It took me a lot of courage to write about it – even thinking about it makes me feel sick – however, I have finally shared it. Not only does this post help raise awareness of the dangers you face when out at a pub or nightclub, but it tells my story of what happened to me, which would hopefully shock people into being more careful and aware of what is happening around them.
You can view this post here!

5) Sunday Funday Challenge!

Now, this is a weekly challenge I have set up on my blog in which every blogger is able to take part in! The idea behind it is to help promote yourself, meet new people and find new blogs which you love. Every Sunday I post the challenge, and all you have to do is pick a blog post of your own which you would like to share, and pop the URL into the comment box of my post – Simples!
There have only been 3 so far (4th this coming Sunday!) and they have been a huge success in my eyes! I didn’t know whether people would take part or whether it was a good/bad idea, yet I have had many people take part which is fantastic. I have already found some new blogs which I am loving, and I hope you will be able to too!
You can find out more about the challenge here!

So, there we are! These are my top 5 favourite posts which I have written – I hope you like them too! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Five Favourite Posts!

  1. Thank you again for hosting the Sunday funday challenge! I have been enjoying it so much! I love having the chance to read many great posts:)

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