My Primark Haul!

I’m the kind of girl who finds it pretty hard to resist buying cute girly things I see in shops, so when I walked into the new Primark this morning, I found it quite hard to control myself! In my town, Primark has recently upgraded from a two floor shop to a five floor shop, therefore it is now HUGE! I was having a browse and I fell in love with so many cute things, such as cute girly pillows and candles in the home section, Disney pj’s, make up bags… the lot!

I’m trying to budget myself at the moment. In fact, I am a lot of the time. Whenever I see things I want, I always question myself first “Do I really need it?”. Usually the answer is no and I manage to walk away with my head held high, forbidden to look back.

I was quite successful in doing that when I went into Primark this morning, but there was a few things that I just couldn’t resist. I asked myself “Do I really need it?” and answered no. But then, I looked at the price and thought “Well, it’s only a couple of pounds – it isn’t going to hurt my bank account too much, is it?”, and again, I answered no. Therefore I came out of the store with a big smile on my face seen as I treated myself at such a little price.

Here’s what I got! 🙂


Apologies for the slightly wonky photo!

Apologies for the slightly wonky photo!

Firstly, I picked up this gorgeous little make up bag. There was literally a whole wall of pretty make up bags so I found it quite over whelming having to choose just one! I was torn between this one and a pink Minnie Mouse make up bag which was the same price, but I went for this one. I adored the Minnie Mouse one, but there were only two sizes – one was too small for me to use and the other was too big!

This make up bag I chose is just so cute and girly, I absolutely love it! I have noticed over the last few months that flowers seem to be the in thing lately, which really are adorable. I don’t actually need a new make up bag to be honest. The one that I am currently using has done me really well over the last year, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In my drawer, I have so many other make up bags that I haven’t used yet, but how could I not buy this adorable little thing for just £3?!


Photo 16-06-2014 13 30 48

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I literally cannot go anywhere without carrying a bottle of squash with me. Whether I am going shopping, going for a short walk or going on a long journey somewhere – it doesn’t matter where – I will always have a bottle of squash in my handbag. I usually have just a throw-away lucozade bottle which I wash up and re-use every day, however, I went into Primark and they had quite a few cute drink bottles that you could buy that were pretty much the same size as the one I usually carry around.

You may already know, I love cats and I love the colour pink. So what better bottle to buy myself than a pink one with a cat on? It’s such a cute little picture and it says ‘Bonjour’ whilst the cat is wearing a beret (I think that is what it is?!). I just loved it as soon as I saw it so I just had to pick it up. The bottle has a spout thing which you pull up to drink and also has a cap/lid over the top which is really helpful because I know it shouldn’t leak if I pop it in my handbag. And the best part of it? It is only £2!


Photo 16-06-2014 13 31 39Lastly, I got some plain white false nails for just £1. I have never, ever worn false nails before and I don’t plan to any time soon either. So, you’re probably wondering why on earth I have bought them when I have no plans to wear them…

As you may be aware, I am a nail artist and absolutely love painting designs on nails. I have my own local mobile business where I do this and I love every single part of it. I have noticed a lot of people (whose nails I do not do) buy false nails from Primark, which I don’t blame them at all. They have some really cute designs and for such a cheap price too.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of testing a design of mine on them. It may not work, but it is worth trying. I am planning on painting one of my designs on these false nails and then putting them on myself or a friend who is willing to wear them to see how well my designs stay on them. Some clients of mine have far too short nails to do certain designs on, so I have thought that perhaps this option will wider their horizons of the designs available to them if they are interested in these as an alternative.

Of course, I may be being totally optimistic right now considering this may work, but fingers crossed – who knows!


So there we go, that is my haul for today! 😀 I hope you enjoyed it, and I would love to hear your opinions! (Sorry for the slightly wonky photo’s!)  Now, I am off to switch over my makeup bag and fill my new water bottle with squash before I head out to enjoy the sunshine!

Have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “My Primark Haul!

  1. I hear so much about Primark and it makes me wish we had one! Everything is such a great deal. That is an awesome idea about the false nails. I would have to think it would work! Good luck and be sure to share some photos of when you do!

    • Aw do you not have one? I have a feeling it’s called Forever 21 in some places, but I’m not 100% sure it’s the same place! Be sure to visit one if you ever come over here 🙂 aw thankyou’, I really hope it will work! 🙂 xx

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