Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell: Book Review

Stranded in a snow storm, Nadia has no choice but to share a room for the night with the gorgeous Jay, who she had just met. Despite being tempted, Nadia promised herself to stay faithful to her long-term partner, Laurie, who is her childhood sweetheart. Not long after this event, Laurie decides to break up with Nadia, and Nadia happens to bump into the handsome Jay again, who soon becomes her boss.

As the story unfolds, we meet Nadia’s family and get invited to experience the drama which comes with it. Nadia and Jay are becoming pretty close when Laurie decides to show up and declare that he made a stupid mistake and wants Nadia to take him back. However, who will Nadia choose? Her childhood sweetheart who she’d always imagined marrying, or her boss who gives her sparks every time he enters the room?isbn9780755332618-detail

This is the fourth book by Jill Mansell that I have read, and once again it didn’t disappoint me. This is a typical chick-lit book that leaves you wanting more and struggling to put down.

Throughout the book, there is a huge focus on Nadia’s family and their individual problems. I really liked this structure, because although the book centre’s around Nadia, it was really interesting to get to know the personalities and lives of those close to her which made it seem like I actually knew the members of her family myself. I really liked Nadia and I found her relationship with her family quite interesting.

I have a sister and we are quite close. We get on pretty well most of the time, and have never ever had a physical fight – well, from what I can remember! The thought of hitting my sister is absolutely absurd, therefore I found it slightly uncomfortable that Nadia hit Clare when she was being a pain. However, saying that, my sister is nothing like Clare. A lot of the time Clare deserved a smack to put her in her place because she was so selfish, rude and spiteful. Nadia was such a strong character which I loved – she stood up for herself and stood up for everyone around her who was having a difficult time too.

Throughout the story, there is constant mention of a secret that Miriam, Nadia’s grandmother, has been keeping from her family for 50 odd years. Miriam seems like a such a loveable character and absolutely adores all of her children, even those who are not biologically related to her, therefore it’s quite suprising that she has a juicy secret that could change the lives of her family forever, if it ever got out. Throughout the book it gets mentioned, but it isn’t until the end that we actually discover what the secret was – in fact, we find out the exact same time as her family find out. I loved this part of the book – it is always great to build up a suspense about something – it made me want to read on even more.

I really liked the story line and the way in which the characters were represented. Quite often in books, you have a stereotypical happy family who were pretty original. However, with this book, ever member of the family seemed relatively different which made a really realistic touch to it. The way in which Leonie, her mother, had rarely any interest in her children and gave up on them at a young age was such a shame, however sadly quite true to reality in some unfortunate circumstances.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It probably wasn’t my favourite of Jill Mansell’s books, but I loved it all the same. If you love a typical chick-lit book that will leave you intrigued to read some more, than this is the book for you! 🙂



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