Where am I?

I feel so guilty. I feel as though I am constantly apologising lately for not posting, when previously I posted every single day. I am not abandoning my blog or forgetting about you all at all, I promise! It’s just since I have moved home from university, I seem to be constantly busy and by the time I get into bed (which is when I usually do my writing), I am far too tired so grab my book instead.

But I do have reasons for being so quiet the last couple of weeks…

Firstly, since moving home, I have literally had to do a huge spring clean in my bedroom. I have no idea how I have accumulated so much extra stuff in the three years I have been at university.. but I have. I got home, only to realise that I have no space for anything to go once I unpacked, so I have had to go through all of my old belongings and clothes to throw out in order to make more room…. This is a pretty difficult task when you have SO much stuff that you want to keep!

I am so excited right now as well, as I have been really busy with my mobile nail business! I have been running it for a couple of years now, but barely promoted it during the last year due to being so busy with university and life drama’s. But now that I have finished uni, I am able to focus all of my attention on my nail business, and have been able to offer customers something new!

I have recently started selling false nails customised to the design of the buyer’s choice. I am a qualified nail artist, therefore I am able to offer lots of different designs for buyers to have. At the moment I am really busy with it, which I am absolutely loving! It is something that I can do from home, yet thoroughly enjoy and earn money from at the same time. I’m selling them as packs of 24 for just £5 – Bargain! 🙂graduation

If of you guys are interested in finding out more, or interested in buying a set then please feel free to contact me and I will link you to my business Facebook page in order for you to view my designs and order – However, I will only be able to send them to UK addresses only, due to payments etc. 🙂

I’m feeling stupidly nervous this week too. Next week is my 21st birthday, which I am super excited about!! However, it is also my graduation… When? On the same day…

Most people seem to think I’m really lucky being able to celebrate them on the same day, but I wouldn’t say so myself. I should be looking forward to graduation – which in a way, I am – however, it is occasions like this in which my anxiety and nerves completely take over me. I’m dreading it. I get so anxious, I’m scared I’m going to be sick in front of everyone. I mean, it’s a week away and I am already waking up feeling sick with my nerves due to nightmares about it 😦

I’m looking forward to once the ceremony is over though, because then I can enjoy the rest of my birthday without having to worry about anything. I guess it will be a really nice day, and I will be able to see all of my uni friends and family on my actual birthday, which will make a change.

So yes, once again I do apologise for the lack of posts, and possibly the lack of posts next week too. You would think I would have loads of time on my hands now that I have left uni, but it doesn’t appear that way! It’s nice to keep busy though so I don’t mind so much – I just wish I had more time to concentrate on my blog properly.

I hope all of you are really well anyway. I look forward to catching up on your posts properly 🙂 ❤


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