The difficulty of job hunting

At the moment, job hunting feels like a lose-lose situation.

After applying for what seems like a hundred jobs, I either get a reply saying that I am too qualified; a reply saying that I don’t have enough experience; or no reply at all.

I understand the fact that companies would rather employ somebody who knows what they are doing, therefore require less time being taught procedures, but that doesn’t help those who don’t quite have enough experience yet.

For all they know, I, like many others could extremely capable of doing the job and able to learn the procedures very quickly; but they don’t even give us a chance. Despite the fact I have a degree within that sector, they opt for somebody who has more experience than me within the industry to save them time and money teaching unexperienced recruits.36cmbl

Considering I am finding it difficult to get a job in the industry that I would love to enter, I have also been applying for jobs outside of that industry, such as high street retail stores like Boots or River Island. Even these shops, I am having no luck with.

Again, I understand that these retail stores feel uneasy about recruiting people who are searching for jobs in a totally different industry because they know that we may not last there very long. However, again, they don’t give us a chance.

After having my degree on my CV, I have noticed that retail stores immediately seem to turn me away. I have spoken to several people who have told me that they eventually took their degree off their CV when applying to retail stores – in which they became successful candidates.

It’s awful you should have to do that though, in my opinion. You should be extremely proud of having a degree on your CV, and not feel as though you have to hide it in order to get a job.

Working in a retail store would be perfect for me right now. It would give me the opportunity to gain income and customer experience whilst I search for a job in the industry I want. It may be months or even a year until I am a successful candidate for my perfect job, therefore I would appreciate actually being given the chance – I may be working in the retail store longer than they expect!

I know I am not the first person to express this, and by all means I will not be the last.

“You need experience to get experience” – Everybody has to start somewhere.


3 thoughts on “The difficulty of job hunting

  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s just so unfair! I remember when I applied for retail job after retail job because I wanted experience in a fashion store to progress within the company. But no. Nobody got in touch with me. I even asked around for work experience opportunities. But still no. You’d think they would take people on if they offered to work for free at least! In the end I applied for a care job and I got it. Even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do and over 2 years later I’m still working in care. It’s crazy how things work out. The fact that people say we’re over qualified also sounds like a joke!

    Yazmin xx

    • Absolutely, it’s ridiculous isn’t it? How are we ever supposed to get a job if we’re not even given the opportunity to get experience! Glad you got a job in the end, I’m hoping you enjoy doing it now 🙂 it really is a joke as I’m sure they were in our position once! Xxx

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