Why Not Drinking Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Questioned

One thing I never understand is why some people are so surprised when you tell them that you “don’t drink alcohol”.

Why is it such a big deal?

Before I was put on the medication I am currently on I would socially drink. Sure, sometimes it got a bit wild and I would wake up with a massive hangover the next day but that was part of being young and wreckless. alc

However, I have noticed these days that when I say to somebody that “I’m not drinking” or “I don’t drink alcohol” they suddenly have to speak up and ask a gazillion questions. Same when somebody says “what are you drinking?” when we are out and my reply is “lemonade” – I get the most shocked responses questioning me how and why I am out when I’m not even drinking.

What does it matter? Will it ruin your night because I’m not drinking? – No.

I know how to have a good night without alcohol. It’s been about 2 years now and I don’t miss it one bit. I don’t need alcohol to have a good time – I need good company.

It doesn’t matter that some people don’t drink alcohol. There are many reasons why they don’t and that is something personal that isn’t anybody else’s business. It could be because they are on medication, they don’t believe in alcohol or perhaps they don’t actually like drinking – it doesn’t matter.

Perhaps rather than question people on why they don’t drink alcohol and look at them as if they are insane, question yourself on why you do.

I can certainly say I do not miss waking up with a hangover the next morning trying to remember what crazy stuff I did!


5 thoughts on “Why Not Drinking Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Questioned

  1. Awesome! I like this. I don’t drink either. I’m also currently on medication that prevents me from having alcohol. Before that, It also turned out I had a bit of a heart problem (coffee and energy drinks – Red Bull – etc. make me feel blah too). Thermogenic fat burners also mess with my heart. Before I found out about my heart, I just didn’t like the taste of alcohol (it’s very bitter/sour and does a great job of dehydrating you, not to mention it can be expensive – do you ever order 3 milkshakes or 4 teas when you go out for lunch? Why do people have to order more than 1 alcoholic beverage though?). Other reasons for the present time of not wanting to drink is because I want to be healthy – alcohol reduces your body’s ability to burn fat by 30%.

    But I agree with you, people freak out when they find out that you’re different. I think many people want to have power and control/influence over others, and when we deviate from the norm they feel awkward and powerless. We’re Divergents 😎 xxox

    • Totally agree with what you’re saying there. Sorry to hear about your heart issues though – hope you are as ok as can be?!
      I have never thought of it like that, that’s so true about people having loads of alcoholic drinks yet only one milkshake etc.. Very strange how society works sometimes! 🙂

  2. It’s great seeing you back in the blogging world! I’ve missed your always interesting blog posts.
    One hundred percent agreed on this one. I don’t really drink alcohol either and I’m perfectly fine without it. Yeah, people should mind their own business!

    Giulia x

  3. I totally agree! People look at you like your an alien when you say you don’t drink. A couple of weeks ago I finally gave in to the whining of my friends, I drank a couple of wines. End result? Me being drunk and sick, and people finally understanding why I don’t drink. And a major hangover :(. Pretty sure it will be another year before I drink again ;).
    Love your post on the issue!
    X Alicia

    • Aw thank you Alicia! I know, people can’t seem to understand and unfortunately it does often make us give in and have a drink really just to shut them up. I certainly don’t miss feeling the effects the morning after! Xx

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