How Blogging Can Brighten Your Day

So I have just spent the last few hours catching up on all of the blogs I’m following, leaving comments here and there and generally taking in all of the posts I have missed over the last few months.

I can honestly say that I actually feel really good after reading them. There is something so satisfying about reading other blog posts and taking an interest that I didn’t even realise I had missed. So I am definitely going to take time out each day to just sit and have a read.

I forgot how much I missed this kind of interaction. I feel as though I actually know some of you on a personal level just through blogging even though I have never actually met you.

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Part of me feels as though I have lost touch with some of my closest blogger friends and this makes me feel quite sad. When I first started blogging I was literally blogging everyday. Therefore, a lot of bloggers I spoke to pretty much everyday and that felt good. Because I haven’t had the chance to blog for a long time I feel as though I have lost touch with the blogging world, but now I really want to get back into it.

As you may have seen on my last post, I am now a proud owner of a Notebook Laptop. I love it already. It’s light, small, easy to carry around and most of all fast so that I can turn it on and get straight into it. My previous laptop was getting pretty old and took about 15 minutes to start up – Very frustrating – which put me off ever turning it on because I just wasn’t in the mood after it had all loaded.

I’m really excited now. I got this new laptop primarily just to do my writing and blogging on so now I feel as though I can properly get back into my blogging mojo. I am suddenly really looking forward to bringing my blog forward and for all the opportunities to come.

Lastly, as cheesy as this may sound, I want to say thank you to everybody who still reads my blog. Considering I have been on and off it with lots of gaps over the last year, I really do appreciate the fact that you still take minutes of you time to catch up and read my new posts.

It’s the bloggers in the blogging world that really give me that motivation that I need to carry on 🙂


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