My Journey; To be continued

Something has happened to me lately that has changed things for me in the best way I can imagine. I don’t know whether I am crazy from being on cloud 9, or whether this is actually fate but it has made me want to share my journey with you right now. What I am going  through, you will here about.

I guess its a current  blog. But I am going to try and make it as interesting as I possibly can. I apologise for a lack of posts again – work has been absolutely manic over the Christmas period – but I would love it if you all followed my journey with me!!

Here’s the beginning – Enjoy ❤ 



I knew A from school years ago – He was in  the year above me. We never spoke, we just knew of each other. Last summer, we bumped into each other for the first time since school. I was really surprised when he spoke to me and asked me how life was, what I was doing these days and if I still kept in contact with many people from school. My first reaction was “why are you talking to me? You don’t even know me!” (obviously I said it in my head – not out loud), but then I thought, “wow, that’s pretty sweet of him to ask”.

We said our farewells and carried on our normal every day lives. I had thought about him a few times since, but I knew he was in a long term relationship so I didn’t even attempt to contact him to say how nice it was to see him again.

I was seeing somebody at the time anyway. It wasn’t going anywhere, I already knew that. I was unsure whether J even liked me or whether he was just stringing me along for a bit of fun, but it was good company for me so I carried on seeing him and tried not to let my feelings get too strong.


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