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To A Stranger You Pass On The Street

I bumped into a stranger the other day. She stopped and asked me how I was; what I was doing with my life.

It felt awkward. I told her I was working, doing a job I love and I am back home living with my parents after three years away. I asked her the same questions back – “How are you? What are you doing in life?”

She pretty much said the same thing back – “I’m busy working. I have got myself a car to take me there and back each day from my parents house”.

We exchanged smiles for a few moments and stood hovering on our feet awkwardly unsure of what to say next.

After a couple of minutes of awkwardly looking around for something else to say, I wished her well and went on my way. Continue reading

The Handwriting Tag!

Today I am taking part in something a bit different – The Handwriting Tag!

I first saw this tag on ‘Katie’s View’ blog and I loved the idea so I decided to do it myself. You can see Katie’s answers here!


Photo 03-06-2014 12 52 59

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Sunday Funday Challenge #4

Welcome to the fourth ‘Sunday Funday Challenge!’

For those of you unaware, I have set up this challenge myself in order to help you find new blogs that you will love, and to help promote your own blog posts to a different audience.

Here’s how it works:

1) Every Sunday I will post a blog post entitled ‘Sunday Funday Challenge’.

2) Every Sunday, you pick one blog post of your choice from your own blog, which you want to share with people. Copy and paste the URL into the comments section below in order to share it with other Sunday Funday participants.

3) Each Sunday, pick a different post from the week before, which you want to share.

It’s as simple as that!

Invite others to read your favourite posts, comment on blog posts which you love, and promote yourself.

If you have a Twitter account, share the challenge with your followers and use the hashtag #SundayFundayChallenge – The more the merrier and all bloggers are welcome!

So, let’s get started shall we?

Here is my post I’m going to share with you today – ‘Is Facebook Actually Worth It?’

Now, copy and paste a post of your own into the ‘comments’ section below, check out the posts shared by other bloggers and most of all have fun!! 🙂

If you took part last week, remember to share a different post with us this week!

I look forward to reading your posts!

A Fly on the Wall

Today’s post is rather different than usual. I have decided to do a very short, fictional piece of writing just to try it out. I’m not very confident about it, but it was quite fun to do!

It is a passage from a fly’s point of view.. So here we go… 🙂

A Fly on the Wall

She looks petrified. God knows why.. Look how big she is compared to me! She’s pulled her black jumper sleeves up and is pacing up and down the room with a rolled up magazine in her hands. She looks like she is preparing herself to go into battle, or something!

Suddenly she’s leaping out throwing the magazine towards me. Phew, that was close! I have managed to get over to the other side of the pale pink wall just in time for her to try and get me! She is looking around the room now quickly, panicking, wondering where I have gone. Continue reading

Five Favourite Posts!

For some reason, I haven’t had much motivation the last couple of days. Usually, I have blog post ideas pop into my head every day, but the last day or so, my mind has gone blank.

Therefore, today I have decided to share with you my top 5 favourite blog posts which I have written. I have now been blogging just over two months and have loved every single moment of it. I have had several fantastic guest bloggers who have also featured on my blog, but I have loved every single one of their posts, so it would be unfair and quite impossible for me to pick any of them to put in my top 5 as well, which is why it is merely just from the posts I have written.

Of course, I know that many of you may have already read these posts before, but I will be leaving a link to each post for those of you who haven’t read them and are interested in reading further!

Enjoy 🙂

1) “Eww, boys are smelly and gross” ..to.. “Woah, he’s hot!” … Are girls growing up too quickly?

I really enjoyed writing this post because in my point of view, it resembles the society where I live today. I feel as though children are growing up far too quickly these days, compared to how I was when I was younger. I was never interested in boys or make up when I was twelve years old, but a number of girls are these days, even at a younger age than 12!
This was one of the first posts that I properly spoke my mind, and it is also something that I am actually interested in. I find it fascinating how times have changed – I’m sure even I acted much differently to how my parents did at age twelve!
You can view this post here! Continue reading

“Wordless Wednesday” – Stephanie’s Blog

Stephanie has came up with the fantastic idea on her blog of “Wordless Wednesday“.

Wordless Wednesday is a weekly post which enables us bloggers to all take part in, create conversation and connect with one another through just one simple picture.
Here is how it works:

Every Wednesday, Stephanie will post a picture on her blog and invite us other bloggers to leave a comment about our first thoughts when seeing the picture.
As you have probably  heard before, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and Stephanie has thought of this fantastic unique experiment in order to see the different responses one picture can make. A picture which may bring feelings of happiness to one person, may bring feelings of sadness and fear to another – which is actually a really interesting thought!

To find out more about Stephanie’s “Wordless Wednesday” click here!

Head over to – http://receandmom.blogspot.ca/ – every Wednesday to take part and express your thoughts and feelings about the picture that is shared! Share the idea and link with your friends to take part too – the more the merrier! 🙂

I look forward to seeing you over at Stephanie’s blog tomorrow! 🙂