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‘A Jersey Affair’ by Georgina Troy: Book Review

I was really lucky to win a signed copy of A Jersey Affair by Georgina Troy on Jenny in Neverland’s blog, and I am so thankful that I did. I absolutely loved reading this book.¬†So thank you very much to both Georgina and Jenny! ūüôā

Paige Bingham, a shoe designer in Jersey, decides to go on her honeymoon to Sorrento alone after getting jilted at her wedding by her husband to be. Whilst on the honeymoon alone, Paige meets Sebastian Fielding РA handsome, successful entrepreneur who is also visiting Sorrento. After spending so much time together there, Paige and Sebastian become extremely close, but it was soon time for them to head home.

When Paige arrives back home in Jersey, she finds out that Sebastians company is taking over De Grays; the store where her shoe business is located. Confused why Sebastian never bothered to tell her this, considering how close they had become, Paige feels as though she has been deceived, so tries to ignore her feelings for him as much as possible. Paige has no choice but to put her professional life as her main priority and try to save her shoe business from falling apart. However, can she forgive the handsome Sebastian after he lied to her?jersey aff

First of all, I absolutely adore the cover of this book. The silhouettes against the lovely deep blue sky completely drew me in immediately. It reminds me of warm summer evenings where you go for a romantic walk along the beach, which I think is so beautiful.

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‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ by Sophie Kinsella: Book Review

This was the first book of Sophie Kinsella’s that I had read, and I was not in any way disappointed. I absolutely loved this book, and after reading a couple of pages I was completely hooked.

What would you do if you accidently spilt all of your juicy (or, not so juicy) secrets to a random man on a plane, and then it turns out that he was actually your boss?

The book follows the story of Emma Corrigan Рa typical young woman. Although Emma is desperate to get a promotion and for her parents to be proud of her, she is pretty satisfied with her life. She has a gorgeous long term boyfriend, Connor, and she lives with her best friend of twenty one years, Lissy. However, on the return home from a business trip, Emma experiences an extremely turbulent plane journey which was about to change her life. can_you_keep_a_secret_UK

To keep her mind off the journey, Emma can’t help but spill all of her secrets to the handsome, American business man sitting next to her. Every little secret she had – from lying about her grades on her CV, to finding G-strings unbelievably uncomfortable – rushed out of her mouth and into the ears of this stranger.

Once the plane had landed, Emma was feeling rather embarrassed, but what did that matter? It’s not like she would ever see this man again…

Well, at least that is¬†what she thought. Emma was absolutely mortified when¬†this handsome man, Jack,¬†turns up at her¬†work place. It turns out, he wasn’t a stranger at all… he was the big boss of the company she worked at, who had come to pay a visit at her branch!¬†Throughout the story, Emma tries really¬†hard not to let this bother her, and to act as though¬†the plane incident¬†never happened, but Jack wasn’t having any of that.

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‘What Alice Forgot’ by Liane Moriarty: Book Review

Although this book didn’t catch my attention immediately, it certainly did as it went on! Once I got into the book, I was so desperate to find out what¬†was going to happen,¬†that I struggled to put it down.

Alice Love falls over in the gym and severely bangs her head, causing her to develop amnesia. When¬†Alice awakes in hospital,¬†she is desperate to ring her husband,¬†Nick Love – He always knows how to make her feel better. Apart from he couldn’t. What Alice doesn’t realise is that¬†it is 2008, she has three beautiful children and is currently filing a divorce with her “beloved” Nick. Alice is convinced it is 1998, she is happily married, and pregnant with her and Nick’s first baby.forgot

The book follows Alice’s journey from day one of her accident, and how she is adapting to the real world – the 2008 version. Nobody knew how soon it would be until Alice got her memory back, but for now, she just had to¬†try and put up with it and get back into her normal routine,¬†and hope¬†her memory¬†does come back. Through this journey, Alice discovers that she doesn’t like the woman she has become. 10 years ago, everything was perfect.. So, what happened? When did her life become¬†so different?

We travel with Alice along her journey of meeting her three children who she didn’t realise existed, whilst¬†trying to figure out where her marriage went so wrong, and trying to fix everything.

The majority of the way through reading this book, I didn’t want Alice to regain her memory. She seemed a much nicer person 10 years ago¬†and I was so¬†desperate for her and Nick to get back together, because quite frankly, they seemed perfect for each other despite the little flaws each of them had. Towards the end of the book, I was slightly disappointed because I didn’t expect the story to end the way that I wanted. However, in the end, I was over the moon with how the book ended!

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Are E-Readers Taking Over?

aWhilst I was in a lecture a while ago, we had a discussion about how people purchase their books nowadays. Although many people still brought books from shops, there was a vast majority of students who owned an E-Reader.

This got me thinking, what is the publishing industry going to be like in 10 years time…

I have to admit, I have my own Kobo E-Reader, which I love. Its so small, light and compact, yet very easy to read on. It is perfect for carrying around with me due to it being so light and it takes up hardly any room in my handbag, unlike an actual book.

However, the flip side of this, is that I love the¬†feel of a new book. I absolutely adore that fresh, book-y¬†smell (I’m sure book lovers will know what I mean by that description!) when you flick the pages for the first time. The feeling of holding a new, unopened book is amazing – It feels so precious, that you don’t want it to get damaged in any way.

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