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Those Three Words…

Three words, eight letters… Say it and I’m yours
– Blaire Waldorf

I feel as though television shows and films take those three words, I love you, more seriously than people do in reality these days.

For example, American television show Gossip Girl. Throughout the six seasons, it was a big deal for the characters to say those three words to each other. It was as though they were too scared to say it, and too scared to hear it. There are many relationships throughout the entirety of the programme, however when it became “the right time” for the characters to tell one other “I love you”, it was a huge part of the scene and a suspense was built up to that very moment.tumblr_lxwmsmwf0A1rnufmqo1_500

In reality, I’m not sure if people these days are unaware of the meaning of “love” and what being in love feels like, or whether they just say some things to get what they want.

Sure, you can love somebody without being “in love” with them. However in my opinion, when it comes to being in a relationship, I believe you should only say those three words if you truly mean them.

Teenagers these days seem to get into a relationship, and within a day they are saying that they love each other. Sure, it’s all fun and games sometimes. When you’re young and get your first boyfriend/girlfriend, it is an exciting experience and you have no realisation of what love really feels like, therefore you assume that’s what it is. I know, I’m guilty of it myself. When I was fifteen, I had my first boyfriend. He went to my school, but we had rarely spoke before. We were talking on MSN Messenger one evening when he randomly asked me out. Of course, I had never had this happen before, so full of excitement, I replied “yes :)”. Later that evening when we said our goodbyes, he typed “love you lots and lots”, to which I replied “love you lots too”. This then lead to “love you more”… “No, I love you more…” – You get the picture.

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