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“Why I started blogging..” – Guest Post by Nichole

Today, I am really excited to share with you a fabulous guest post written by Nichole. Here, Nichole is giving us an insight into her life, and explaining the reasons she started blogging. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did, and remember to head over to Nichole’s blog here!

Hi all! My name is Nichole and I blog over at Upbeat Uplifts. I am so very excited to have this opportunity to guest blog for Jenny!

I started blogging back in February and it has quickly become a part of who I am. I love to look for the best that there is in each and every day. Life is crazy, that is no secret, and it becomes easy to feel down and be unmotivated. A lot of what happens to cause this is actually out of our control, but the thing is there is something that is in our control which can completely change life around…what is that? Well, that would be our outlook! We have complete control on how we look at the things that happen to us. I recently graduated from college (can I get a whoop whoop!) and also just completed my rookie season as a member of the dance for the NBA team in my area, The Pistons. Now that you know a little bit more about me and my background I want to share with you all why I started blogging.


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Those Three Words…

Three words, eight letters… Say it and I’m yours
– Blaire Waldorf

I feel as though television shows and films take those three words, I love you, more seriously than people do in reality these days.

For example, American television show Gossip Girl. Throughout the six seasons, it was a big deal for the characters to say those three words to each other. It was as though they were too scared to say it, and too scared to hear it. There are many relationships throughout the entirety of the programme, however when it became “the right time” for the characters to tell one other “I love you”, it was a huge part of the scene and a suspense was built up to that very moment.tumblr_lxwmsmwf0A1rnufmqo1_500

In reality, I’m not sure if people these days are unaware of the meaning of “love” and what being in love feels like, or whether they just say some things to get what they want.

Sure, you can love somebody without being “in love” with them. However in my opinion, when it comes to being in a relationship, I believe you should only say those three words if you truly mean them.

Teenagers these days seem to get into a relationship, and within a day they are saying that they love each other. Sure, it’s all fun and games sometimes. When you’re young and get your first boyfriend/girlfriend, it is an exciting experience and you have no realisation of what love really feels like, therefore you assume that’s what it is. I know, I’m guilty of it myself. When I was fifteen, I had my first boyfriend. He went to my school, but we had rarely spoke before. We were talking on MSN Messenger one evening when he randomly asked me out. Of course, I had never had this happen before, so full of excitement, I replied “yes :)”. Later that evening when we said our goodbyes, he typed “love you lots and lots”, to which I replied “love you lots too”. This then lead to “love you more”… “No, I love you more…” – You get the picture.

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“A community I love being in” – Fab Guest Post by Stephanie

Today, I have a fabulous guest post by Stephanie to share with you. Here, Stephanie tells us about why she blogs, and why she loves  the blogging community! I hope you enjoy this post, and please head right over to Stephanie’s blog afterwards! 🙂

Guest Post by Stephanie

Why do I blog? It is something many people ask me when they find out I do. It is not a question I ever really know how to answer.

I wanted to connect with people I wanted to share what I knew and learn from others. I started to bug my work to set up a website a few years back and when they finally did I found that they yes were advertising what we had to offer but nothing more. I wanted to see a site put out there that had useful information and was interesting to visit.

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“My hopes and dreams for the future…” – Fantastic Guest Post by Sophie-Jane

Today I have a wonderful feature post by Sophie-Jane to share with you. I absolutely love her blog and I urge you to check it out straight away! Here Sophie is talking about her future, her hopes and her dreams! Im sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I have , and please head over to her blog after 🙂

My hopes and dreams for the future…

The future. You’re told to live in the present, not the present or the future either. The present. But as a society are we able to achieve that? My heart beats this second, in the present but my head trails to the future.

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Post Suggestion – Please read – Thank you :)

Mental illness is very common. Much more common than people think. There are many different causes of developing these disorders, and symptoms are different for everybody. There are so many different mental illnesses, which includes – anxiety, OCD, depression, phobia’s.

I am thinking about doing a post supporting mental health disorders, and raising awareness for it. I feel as though it doesn’t get as much attention as it should, and I want people to be able to understand it more.mental

I myself have an anxiety disorder, and trust me it is absolute hell. I don’t think people who have never had these disorders actually understand just how severe and painful (emotionally and physically) these disorders are for those who suffer from them.

Therefore, this post is merely just to get a sense of whether people think it would be a good idea, and would be interested in reading it? Obviously, I understand that for some it is a touchy subject, but I feel as though it doesn’t get enough attention, or awareness as it should.

If anybody who has a mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, OCD… anything, and would like to share their experience of it then please get in touch. In addition to the blog post I will write, I will more than happy to have a paragraph included, by each of you who would like to share a little bit about your disorder, and your coping mechanisms, or perhaps how it has changed your life.

Please comment/like this post/tweet me if you think it would be a good idea to do, and you would be interested in reading it. And again, please comment if you would be interested in featuring on the article (And if you have twitter then leave your username as it will be easier for me to contact you through there, probably!)

Many thanks, Jenny xox