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‘Lucy In The Sky’ by Paige Toon: Book Review

This is my first book review, so if anybody has any advice on how to improve I would really appreciate that! Enjoy ­čÖé

Lucy In The Sky was the first book I have ever read by Paige Toon, and it most definitely did not disappoint me. In fact, it did quite the opposite.Lucy sky

The book follows the story of Lucy who is off to Australia to attend her best friends wedding. Just before her flight takes off, Lucy checks her phone and receives a text from her beloved boyfriend of many years, James, and her world comes crashing down around her. The text was clearly sent from another woman, but Lucy has no time to ring James to confront him. Once landed, Lucy is able to speak to James and he reassures her that it was just his friends messing around. However, deep down, Lucy is unsure whether she can really trust him.

Whilst in Australia, Lucy meets Nathan. He is gorgeous and everything Lucy could want. As soon as she set eyes on him, she fell for him. The story follows the story of Lucy having to leave Nathan to go home to her untrustworthy boyfriend, James. As the story unfolds questions are raised whether James is telling the truth and they will live happily ever after, or whether Lucy will be desperate to run back into the arms of the gorgeous Nathan. Continue reading