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“Wordless Wednesday” – Stephanie’s Blog

Stephanie has came up with the fantastic idea on her blog of “Wordless Wednesday“.

Wordless Wednesday is a weekly post which enables us bloggers to all take part in, create conversation and connect with one another through just one simple picture.
Here is how it works:

Every Wednesday, Stephanie will post a picture on her blog and invite us other bloggers to leave a comment about our first thoughts when seeing the picture.
As you have probably  heard before, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and Stephanie has thought of this fantastic unique experiment in order to see the different responses one picture can make. A picture which may bring feelings of happiness to one person, may bring feelings of sadness and fear to another – which is actually a really interesting thought!

To find out more about Stephanie’s “Wordless Wednesday” click here!

Head over to – http://receandmom.blogspot.ca/ – every Wednesday to take part and express your thoughts and feelings about the picture that is shared! Share the idea and link with your friends to take part too – the more the merrier! 🙂

I look forward to seeing you over at Stephanie’s blog tomorrow! 🙂


“Why I write” – Guest Post by Jo

Today, I have a lovely guest post written by Jo to share with you. Here, Jo is telling us about why she writes! I hope you enjoy this post, and please head over to her lovely blog after by here!

Hello! I’m Joana Sofia (but please call me Jo) and my little corner of the Internet is called “Darling, Oh My!” And today the lovely Jenny is allowing me to guest post on her blog. So, I’ve chosen to write about the reasons why I write.01

I write to clear my head. To leave space for new characters and new stories. I write. I write because writing is easier than speaking. The words come easier to me by holding a pen or having my fingers dancing in the keyboard. I write. I write so therefore I won’t explode. With emotions. I put down in a piece of paper what’s on my mind. Good or bad. I write it down. Most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Not the action itself. But the act of letting go.

The inspiration well, that comes everywhere. Those who know me know that I get inspired by everything. In a phrase read somewhere. In glances exchanged in the middle of nowhere. In strangers walking by. In songs I heard on the radio. Those who know me know I get inspired by a quote said by someone in a television show. In stories started by others but with wide opening endings leaving up to my imagination how that story would end. But what they don’t realize, what I myself sometimes don’t even do realize, it’s that I put into those characters, those that I create, a bit of myself. A bit of my past, of my present. My dreams for the future. Words that I could say out loud. But they came so easy I only notice when it’s all together. When all the pieces are put together. When I re-read the text that’s when it hits.

So, therefore I write. I write to escape. I write to dream. I write so I can keep my sanity sane. Emotions written out, lightness in my soul.

I really enjoyed reading this post written by Jo. Not only is she sharing with us the reason she writes, but she is also inspiring us to write. Well, she has certainly inspired me anyway! 🙂 Please remember to head over to Jo’s lovely blog – http://darlingohmy.blogspot.pt/
Lastly, I would like to say thank you so much to Jo for writing such a thoughtful guest post for my blog! 🙂 xxx